Strategic CIO Advisory Services

Strategic CIO Advisory Services are provided by seasoned IT executives. The company' owner, Mark White, has served as CIO since 2002. Prior to 2002 Mark managed a $25 million technology business unit and has considerable experience growing companies and business divisions.

Mark is a practicing technologist and personally provides Strategic CIO Advisory Services. He also personally recruits and selects all partners and technologists.

For middle market companies, Strategic CIO Advisory Services would include the full range of IT management consulting tailored to the CEO, president and owner / operator levels. Services include IT department assessments, turnarounds and recoveries, leadership transition, mergers and acquisitions and on-call advising. More narrowly defined services are also available and can be defined on an as needed basis.

For larger corporate IT organizations, services are typically more narrowly defined and would include the following: Creating or extending a PMO, establishing software development methodologies and practices, developing business continuity and disaster recovery plans, policy establishment and execution, compliance and governance programs, business alignment, intellectual property protection, service level agreements, project management and others.

As you can see, our strategic services are provided for high impact and critically important areas. These areas require considerable prior experience, deep knowledge and continuous training. These attributes are inherent in Harmon Technologies' operating philosophy.