Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Harmon Technologies was formed as an ISV because we are passionate about building high quality applications. We design and construct solidly architected systems that are flexibly designed so they can grow and change with the business. Reuse and maintainability are not just buzz words for us. Rather, these are core believes. We see ourselves as modern day craftsmen where our work is a reflection of ourselves. The work means more to us than just money.

We have built systems on many platforms. Currently we are very focused on HTML5 and its suite of technologies. This is truly an exciting time to develop web applications that take advantage of a powerful and vendor agnostic platform. We pay close attention to the W3C and their activities and progress.

We would love to talk to you about your organization. Our deep experience in needs analysis can greatly assist you in understanding how technology and custom web development can enhance and advance your business or organization. We are excellent listeners and ask very good questions. This helps us rapidly learn your business and quickly provide high quality solutions so you can begin to enjoy the returns on your investment.